US Taxpayer Identification Number; Attn London, Paris, & Frankfurt: IRS Form W-7

IRS assistance is ‘advertised’ as being available to help you prepare your IRS Form W-7.

If like the majority of the other people on this planet you haven’t found the instructions worth their salt the IRS advises that you call 1-800-829-1040.

BAHOOT! As my old instructor would belch. Today as back then procedure hasn’t changed much. My guess is that you are here because that number didn’t work for you.

Yes it sucks for all of us. Nevertheless, overseas help for those of you in London, Paris or Frankfurt, the IRS can be engaged as follows:

London, United States Embassy [44] (207) 894-0477 England 24 Grosvenor Square London W1K 6AH England United Kingdom

Paris, United States Embassy [33] (1) 4312-2555 France 2 Avenue Gabriel 75382 Paris Cedex 08, France

Frankfurt, U.S. Consulate Frankfurt [49] (69) 7535-3823 Germany Geissener Str. 30 60435 Frankfurt am main, Germany.

Also if you are outside the US, try calling 1-267-941-1000 for assistance. Because of budget cuts though, don’t hold your breath. Please contact me with your challenges. Cheers!