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Meal Expense – Navigating Between Internal Revenue Code Sections 162, 274, 132; IRS Technical Advice Memorandum 200030001; and, Churchill Downs v. Commissioner

As per usual I'm swimming in areas where the tax code is seemingly at odds. The latest matter across my desk regards meals and entertainment (M&E) expense. These are the two questions at hand: Specifically at what point does a meeting expense

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Use IRS Form 8082 to Report An Incorrectly Issued K1

This post address how to use IRS Form 8082 to report an incorrectly issued K1. The lesson learned is that you always start by requesting in writing that a corrected K1 be issued. I've been working a very complicated file

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Defending Against Alter Ego Allegations

What is an "alter ego" allegation? Aside of course being one of several nuanced yet distinct stages of intoxication, when it comes to the IRS it seems from my perspective that there are several elements of the alter ego doctrine

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Tangible Assets Used In Converting Corn To Fuel Grade Ethanol Are Properly Included In Asset Class 49.5

A certain important person in my reality - my wife - is becoming increasingly interested in the business end of biomass refineries. You go girl. Funny but this interest also happens to correlate with a new file I am developing

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Top 8 Free US Tax Research Sites

The best free US tax research sites in my opinion are: 1. For actually referencing the US Tax Code - Cornell University Law School as they seem to do the best job with updates and maintenance and at the end

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Tax Treatment of IRC 351 Nonrecognition Transactions aka Corporate Reorganizations

Check out the following 5 lessons I learned this week regarding IRC 351 nonrecognition transactions: 1. The basis assigned to stock received generally is the same as the basis in the property transferred to the corporation. If however you also

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IRS Can Levy More Than 15% of Social Security Benefits According to Bowers V. US

The distinction of how this is possible distills down to understanding the nuanced difference between a 'Continuous' and a 'One Time' IRS tax levy. Under Code Sec. 6331(h) once a tax levy is approved, the effect of the levy on specified

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Service Fee v. Tip – IRS Guidance to Examiners

Business Entity Selection and the Tax Consequences of Converting

According to IRS administrative guidelines to its examiners concerning Rev. Rul. 2012-18, published in the 2012-26 Internal Revenue Bulletin, when performing a tip examination (aka audit), IRS examiners must ensure that service fees or charges are properly characterized as wages and

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