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Your Trusted Tax Advocate

Our owner John R. Dundon is the president of Taxpayer Advocacy Services, Inc., a National Tax Practice Institute Fellow, an IRS E-Services Provider, and an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent. Allow me to share a bit about myself.

Professional Roles

- Resolver of Tax Disputes
- Filer of Tax Returns
- Writer & Speaker

Professional Focus

As a dedicated student of the US Tax Code, he is committed to being a problem solver and a protector of taxpayers' rights. Leading a team of Enrolled Agents, Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Attorneys, we work together to bring clarity to the U.S. Tax Code for all U.S. taxpayers.

Specializing in Tax Resolution and Appeals

As a Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner and tax appeals specialist, John R. Dundon strives to de-escalate stress and reconcile tax disputes nationwide for individual and business taxpayers. While not an attorney, my enrollment with the United States Department of Treasury under U.S. Treasury Circular 230 allows for confidential representation over most civil tax matters.

Expert Insights for Every Taxpayer

John R. Dundon actively monitors federal and state taxing authorities, sharing insights on relevant tax topics through a well-subscribed tax blog. The content is presented in plain terms for general understanding, and subscriptions are complimentary. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you on your tax journey.

Industry Affiliations

I have an established history of holding leadership roles in the following organizations:

  • National Association of Enrolled Agents
  • Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents
  • National Association of Tax Professionals


  • National Tax Practice Institute, Fellow, 2012
  • The University of Minnesota, Carlson School Of Management, MBA, 1992
  • Marquette University, Business Administration, BS, 1986


  • I listen very carefully to each taxpayer encountered.
  • I review, sign, and file tax returns of all shapes and sizes.
  • I read, write, and speak in-depth about various tax topics.
  • I am an IRS Examination/Collection/Appeals specialist.
  • I unravel the most complicated of tax matters.
  • I coach taxpayers who are subject to scrutiny by the taxing authorities.
  • I negotiate reasonable settlements with the taxing authorities.
  • I bring people to comply with their tax obligations.
  • I am an IRS Certifying Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Acceptance Agent.
  • I am an IRS Electronic Return Originator and E-Services provider.
  • I am a Drake Tax Preparation Software Licensee 2004-present.
  • I am an M.N. Supreme Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Neutral Mediator #4093
  • I have a practical living experience of the entire business life cycle from inception to dissolution.
  • I assign tax-based tangible book value for small businesses, LLCs, Sub-Chapter S corporations, and partnerships.
  • I provide expert tax testimony.
  • I have experience with tax law relevant to Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy.