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Deliberate Tax Free Compounding is the Secret of the Golden Flower

I am getting to be an old man now and so profoundly thankful that the lessons of tax-free compounding were impressed upon me at an early age. It has made a huge difference in my financial well being and subsequent

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Disability portion of SSA benefits (SSDI) will be removed from the FPLP 15% Levy for Past Due Tax Assessments

This is really confusing folks! On the one hand those of us who follow closely generally tend to believe that there is a LOT of rampant fraud in SSI Disability benefits practices these days but this news is going to

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Why to Revoke An S Election and How to Do It – Internal Revenue Code Section 1362(d); Reg § 1.1362­6(a)

Many entrepreneurs get caught up in selecting the "most appropriate business structure" - particularly people planning to conquer the moon right out of the gate. If this is you beware as business structure is a determination that is best driven out

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Taxation of Social Security Benefits

A good friend of mine, Bruce Larsen of Presidential Brokerage recently published an outstanding report on the Taxation of Social Security Benefits. One of the many things I like about Bruce is that he is passionate about all aspects of

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IRS Can Levy More Than 15% of Social Security Benefits According to Bowers V. US

The distinction of how this is possible distills down to understanding the nuanced difference between a 'Continuous' and a 'One Time' IRS tax levy. Under Code Sec. 6331(h) once a tax levy is approved, the effect of the levy on specified

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IRS Treatment of Social Security Benefits – SSA Form 1099

If you receive Social Security benefits (checks) you should also receive a Form 1099-SSA from the Social Security Administration. Use the data on this form to help determine if your benefits are taxable. Basically the tax depends on total income and

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IRS Form 1040 Schedule C: Profit or Loss from Business

IRS Form 1040 Schedule C: Profit or Loss from Business

IRS Form 1040 Schedule C: Profit or Loss from Business can be a tough form to work through.  Tread lightly and seek guidance. The sole proprietorship or single member Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) is in my opinion the easiest type

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Severance Payments and FICA Tax

Generally severance payments made to terminated employees have been held by the US Tax Court to be FICA wages because the definition of "wages" for FICA purposes found in the Internal Revenue Code is so broad. "Wages" include all remuneration

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Social Security and Medicare Changes 2012

The Social Security Administration has announced the new benefits and thresholds for 2012 as follows: Gross Social Security benefits increase for 2012 by 3.6%.  The amount of earnings subject to Social Security taxes increases to $110,100.  The amount of earnings

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