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Enrolled Agent Services in the Denver Metro Area

At John R. Dundon II, EA, we aim to cater to all your tax needs. As Enrolled Agents (EAs), we are federally authorized tax practitioners empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Our expertise allows us to represent taxpayers across all Internal Revenue Service (IRS) administrative levels for examinations, appeals, and collections.

We are physically located in Denver, CO. However, we don't limit ourselves to the people situated here; our team has an international focus. Our experts are located nationwide, and we cater to taxpayers worldwide.

Regulation and Recognition

Our right to practice before the IRS is governed by Federal statute under U.S. Treasury Circular 230. Recognized as "Federally Authorized Tax Practitioners" (FATP), we join the ranks of attorneys, certified public accountants, and enrolled Agents.

Our Focus

John R. Dundon II, EA specializes in advising, representing, and preparing tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts, and entities with tax-reporting requirements. Unlike other professionals, we concentrate solely on taxation matters and obtain our titles directly from the U.S. Treasury Department.

Confidentiality and Ethics

We uphold the privilege of confidentiality between taxpayers and Enrolled Agents during audits, collections, and appeals. Our membership with the National Association of Enrolled Agents ensures adherence to strict codes of ethics.

Our Services

Explore our comprehensive range of virtual tax services, designed to address your tax challenges with precision and professionalism.

Tax Advocacy and Representation

  • Tax Expert Witness Testimony
  • Negotiating Relief from Tax Liens and Levies
  • Tax Audit Reconsideration
  • Tax Audit/Exam Representation
  • Tax Appeal Representation
  • Tax Collection Representation
  • IRS Procedural Advice

Compliance and Defense

  • Tax Non-Filer Guidance
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Defense
  • Employment Tax Defense
  • Self-Employment Tax Defense
  • IRS Penalty Defense and Recovery
  • IRS Account Adjustment
  • Refund Claims and Reduction Requests
  • Innocent Spouse Defense
  • Correspondence Exam Response
  • Tax Return Preparation and Reconstruction
  • Written Appeal Protest
  • Settlement Proposal
  • Direction on Maintaining Future Tax Compliance

Financial Solutions and Agreements

  • Requests for Payment Extension
  • Installment Agreement Requests
  • Collection Information Statements
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Bankruptcy Tax Discharge

Lien and Property Matters

  • Lien Withdrawal Requests
  • Lien Discharge Requests
  • Request for Return of Seized Property

Tax Planning and Guidance

  • Worker Classification Guidance
  • Small Business Valuation
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Gift Tax Planning
  • Medicaid Tax Planning
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Schedule 'C' Audits

Dispute Resolution and Certification

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Taxpayer Advocate Order Representation
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification # Certification

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Jeanine Buben-Croy

MT, EA, Vice President, Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents

“...he has proven qualities of diligence, accuracy, and detail. I highly recommend John to clients seeking an excellent accountant and representative.”

Soozie Franklin

Principal/Owner, Susanna Franklin Design / Damsel Fly Design

"John has a determined spirit, the highest degree of work ethic, a level of integrity that I feel is important as a business person. John has an uncanny ability to work well, even under the most pressured environments. Additionally, John's ability to work with a variety of individuals is a plus.”

Jane Strauss


“I cannot recommend John Dundon too highly. He was able to easily understand a complex situation involving tax issues, disability, and current needs, knew the people involved in the tax system, the workings of the system, and how to get the best results for a friend of mine he represented. He did all this while working with extended family in an understanding, expert, and compassionate manner."

Martim Quayat

Student, University of Saint Thomas

“John always treated me with professionalism and respect. I take him as an example of a person with a good attitude that I try to follow.”

Michael Guest


“Smart. Hard worker. An Effective Negotiator. And a great guy.”

Michael Guest


“Smart. Hard worker. An Effective Negotiator. And a great guy.”

Ann Schley

RA, Novice Coach & Learn to Row Coordinator/Instructor, Minneapolis Rowing Club

“…Through his leadership, we can now leap into a professionally run organization.”

Joe Coscia

Enrolled Agent

…I have always found John to be very informed of the latest tax laws and always willing to share his knowledge with the Board. I highly recommend John as someone who will go the extra mile for his clients in any tax matter before the IRS and prepare tax returns with the highest integrity.”

Dan Halleman

Retired Internal Revenue Service

“I have worked with John on several Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents committees. John’s enthusiasm is contagious.”

Neal Huffman


“John exudes integrity. When you count on honesty and craftsmanship from a tax advisor, John will not disappoint you. While highly experienced, knowledgeable, and informed regarding continually changing IRS regulations, he is willing to grow his business with yours. I am not only a client of John’s; I have appreciated his work in my professional paralegal community.”

David Peterson

Patent Attorney, Schwegman, Lundberg, & Woessner, P.A.

“John Dundon is a great communicator and consensus builder, and these traits showed in his position as President of the Minneapolis Rowing Club. In addition to his fine leadership skills, John is an exceptional rower and athlete with the knowledge and talent to back up his leadership.”

Philip Johnson

Director, Donaldson

“John was President of Minneapolis Rowing Club, and I simultaneously was the Commodore. John chaired all management committees for the club and oversaw the orderly workings of a diverse group of individuals. He handled meetings and committees with charm and performance; things got done under his management. With 300 members, this is one of the larger sports organizations in Minneapolis. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Jonathon Kusa

Vice President and Water Resources Practice Leader, HR Green

“John was a dedicated rowing club member and worked hard to assist me during my tenure as Commodore of the club. John is enjoyable working with and was a patient teacher for rowing and Club equipment maintenance.”

Joseph Alfano

Physician, Fairview Health Services

“John served as our rowing club’s president for one term and managed many different factions in a community organization.”

Michael Hurley

Vice President, Corporate Sales, Hanley Wood, LLC

“I know John through rowing. He is a keen competitor and teammate who works hard to improve everyone. As the President of the Minneapolis Rowing Club, he proved to be a leader in other ways. He refocused the club on racing and achievement. He allocated resources to support those objectives and found a way to rally club members to give a little bit more of themselves for the club’s success.”

Vicki Larson

Manager, One Stop Student Services, University of Minnesota

“John preceded me as president of Minneapolis Rowing Club. He was passionate about and committed to improving the club during his tenure. His work helped pave the way for additional improvements to the club.”

Thomas F. Murtha IV

Member, Minneapolis Rowing Club

“I can’t say enough about John’s leadership in the rowing community. John is also an expert in the technical and financial aspects of rowing. John is one of if not the first person to go to for advice; he has my highest recommendation.”

Sean Hundtofte

CFA, Analyst, Värde Partners, Inc.

“John was president of a large (200+ member) non-profit I was a member of. I was a volunteer captain of the Men’s program then and subsequently a board member. The position John was in required facilitating lengthy negotiations between multiple parties and managing resolutions where possible, understanding different parties’ interests, and some amount of “primary school teacher” (i.e., breaking up us squabbling kids!). John did a great job of all of that. Lastly, it also required a huge sacrifice of personal time, where the president was effectively on call to address problems and required dedication to volunteering to further a goal: accessible rowing and racing in Minneapolis. So if you are looking for a selfless, dedicated worker who can handle dispute resolution and won’t give up on getting to the finish line, I recommend John.”

Mitchell Malecha

Senior Auditor, Wilkerson Associates

“During John’s time with MRC, his leadership skills were an asset to the club. John was one of the most diplomatic Presidents the club has seen. He was able to help allocate club funds appropriately between the needs of club member groups.”