Ensuring Your Financial Order with Expertise

Record and Bookkeeping Services In Denver, Colorado 

Taxpayer Advocacy Services offers record and bookkeeping services to individuals and businesses in Denver, Colorado, and the US. Rely on John R. Dundon II and his team to keep your accounts and business ledgers in order.

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Why You Need Record and Bookkeeping Services

Managing your finances and keeping track of business records is a tedious process. Simplify your life and let John R. Dundon II and his team at Taxpayer Advocacy Services, Inc. handle your documents and bookkeeping for you.

Bookkeeping is an essential part of financial planning for individuals and businesses. 

With 20-plus years supporting tax-paying individuals and businesses alike, John has the knowledge and experience to ensure your records are clear and organized. 

Audits can be a scary part of tax season. But with record and bookkeeping services through Taxpayer Advocacy Services, Inc., we archive the past 10+ years of financial records for you. Rest assured that your financial records will be easy to access and well organized if an audit arises or you need to reference them.

What Sets John R. Dundon II Apart From the Competition

John is passionate about tax legislation and helping taxpayers navigate the complexities of various tax topics. He treats every client with the same level of attention and expert care, no matter how big or small the job is.

John is a lifelong learner and student of tax law. He works tirelessly to protect taxpayers™ rights and unravel the complexities of tax legislation. John is an expert negotiator, and his skill set includes assigning tax-based book value for small businesses, LLCs, Corporations, and Partnerships. He is a fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute and a graduate of the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

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Contact John R. Dundon II for Record and Bookkeeping Services in Denver, CO

Simplify your life and your financial records with Taxpayer Advocacy Services today! Contact us to schedule an appointment today. John offers meetings over the phone or via video conference.