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Tax Treatment of Charitably Donated Artwork

Please refer to IRC 170 as well as Publication 526, Charitable Contributions (PDF), Publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property (PDF), and Publication 1771, Charitable Contributions Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements (PDF) for detailed information on charitable contributions. This is what I've learned about issues involving charitable contributions

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IRS Publication 526 – Charitable Contributions

This post is a brief review of IRS Publication 526. Basically if your goal is a legitimate tax deduction, then you must be giving to a qualified organization. Don't get duped.  You cannot deduct contributions made to specific individuals, political

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Deductibility of Charitable Contributions – IRS Form 8283

Regardless of the amount, to deduct a contribution of cash, check, or other monetary gift, you must maintain a bank record, payroll deduction records or a written communication from the organization containing the name of the organization, the date of

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