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Disaster Losses Including Casualty and Theft IRS Publication 547 – IRS Form 4684

If you take one look at FEMA’s website, it’s clear that we are going to see a significant increase in the number of casualty losses going forward. Should you find yourself a victim of a disaster or a casualty or theft loss it is

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Casualty and Theft Loss – IRS Form 4684

Your vehicle was hit by hail and the insurance company agreed to compensate you $4,600 AND allow you to keep the vehicle AND not issue you a salvage title.  In most situations this is non reportable.  However not always.  This

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Casualty, Disaster and Theft Loss Deduction

Losses incurred because of a casualty, disaster, or theft may be tax-deductible. Casualty and theft losses are reported on Form 4684 and Form 1040 Schedule A. Casualty Loss A casualty is the loss of property (including damage and destruction) because

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