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What is a Foreigner for US Tax Purposes? IRS Forms W-8BEN + 1042-S

I have had the pleasure of helping many people new to either living or conducting business in the USA determine their tax liability to the US Treasury and have grown increasingly surprised about the confusion over who or what type

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Aliens and ‘Taxation Without Representation’

Erin E. Stefonick (J.D. 2008, Florida Coastal) has published Note. Find 10 Fla. Coastal L. Rev. 691' target=_blank>The Alienability of Alien Suffrage: Taxation Without Representation in 2009, 10 Fla. Coastal L. Rev. 691 (2009). Here is part of the Introduction:

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Undocumented Residents of the USA – tax requirements – IRS Publication 519

A distinction must be made between the immigration laws of the United States and the tax laws of the United States. Although immigration laws of the United States refer to aliens as immigrants, nonimmigrants, and undocumented (illegal) aliens, tax laws

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Paying taxes and fearing deportation

File form W7 with a cerifying acceptance agent and obtain a Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). An ITIN is a number issued by the IRS that allows non citizens residing in the US to file income tax returns. This number

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